VB Migration Partner

Code migration that just works

Converting a Visual Basic 6 business application to the .NET Framework platform is a slow, costly, and error-prone job that requires a deep knowledge in all the subtleties of both VB6 and .NET languages.

While automatic conversions tools previously available on the market can help, they fail to significantly simplify this process to the point where it becomes truly cost-effective. Not surprisingly, many software companies have postponed the decision to migrate their applications to VB.NET or decided to do it without an automatic translation tool.

VB Migration Partner can make the difference in this respect.

VB Migration Partner is an innovative VB6 conversion software created by a team of renowned VB and .NET experts.

It supports all the main VB6 features and controls, and delivers .NET applications with significantly fewer compilation and runtime errors than those produced by other conversion tools. Our tests on hundreds of randomly chosen open source applications show that VB Migration Partner correctly converts 999 out of one thousand statements.

You can find more info about the VB Migration Partner here .